Joining the Global Advisory Board of Global Wonks
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 10:38AM
Thomas P.M. Barnett in Global Wonks


Starting 1 June, I officially join the Global Advisory Board for Global Wonks, a network-of-experts start-up that targets small and medium enterprises with affordable and rapid access to subject matter experts at very low engagement thresholds, with the entire process occurring via the proprietary online platform. In terms of experts, the focus is on "soldiers, not generals," and likewise on global and domain spread versus sheer numbers. Not easy to join, but once in, you're able to "bid on projects, and complete them entirely through the GlobalWonks platform."

The basic idea here is compellingly simple: around the world stand thousands upon thousands of small-and-medium enterprises, the vast majority of which can't afford access to the traditional management consulting giants. It simply takes too long and too much money. On the other side stand a similarly large number of local/domain subject matter experts trying to get by in the (frankly) brutal gig economy.

Now, yes, there already are established players in this place, like GLG, Catalant, and Lynk, but they tend to be huge networks chasing large clients and, once in, your odds of actually making any money are depressingly low (this I know personally). Global Wonks right-sizes or symmetricizes that engagement space, keeping it all on its platform for ease of use in both directions.

For a sense of how it all works, see the embedded introductory video here.

And if you're interested in joining the network or investing, please reach out to me via the Contact Tom link above.

Rest assured that Global Wonks is not led by a bunch of first-timers seeking to revolutionize an industry they barely understand (been there, suffered that). We're talking about a team with over 75 years of cumulative experience in the global affairs consulting industry. The Global Advisory Board I'm joining is likewise populated by individuals of serious stature in the field and - just as importantly - who aren't just middle-aged white guys hailing from the U.S. national security realm (leave that token status to me, thank you very much!).

All in all, a very cool and exciting new venture for me.

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